Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hacking is not just for computers any more

I have been on a quest lately... I'm trying to reorganize and declutter my life.

As the subject suggests, there are now countless blogs dedicated to "hacking" your life. There's even a blog for hacking Ikea furniture and making it *gasp* even more useful! Among some of the other awesome resources I've found are Lifehacker, Lifehack, and Unclutterer. There are so many ideas for how to organize your tasks and workspace and living space, it's incredible. Ironically, I think I have "wasted" countless hours of time foraging for any little morsels of information that could help me. I'm trying to consider this time my sponge time, and consider it an investment, rather than a waste. I hope that's truly the case.

While at work, I'm focusing on maximizing my workspace. Which brought me to the conclusion that I could really use some kind of phone stand, and I found one I really really like here.

So I am working in short bursts, and then alternating that with organizing / filing / making the most of my workspace time.

And this applies at home as well. Over the last weekend I went to Ikea and purchased a few pieces of a little system called Antonius, which is lovely for organizing my spare bedroom closet.

I'm thinking I'm going to focus the rest of February on this organizing venture and spend the last weekend celebrating with Joe & Nicole in Vegas. Sure, we'll actually be celebrating Nicole's 21st birthday, but inside, I'll be doing a victory dance over my successful quest in declutterization.

Does that count as a goal?

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