Thursday, May 1, 2008

Control Yourself, Woman!

I find that my biggest struggle with self-control has been eating. I have come to grips with the fact that I love food.

So now that I find myself in some sort of health struggle that keeps me from enjoying just about anything that I eat, it's difficult. I don't know exactly what's ailing me, but if I eat anything, even a small portion, I feel as though I gorged myself on an entire feast. I get heartburn and even a little queasy sometimes. And no, I'm not pregnant, but thanks for asking. I wish all of this was for a really good reason like that. But no, ever since my big sick day two weeks ago tomorrow, I just haven't gotten back to normal.

All that to say, it's really forcing me into a new realm of self-control. If I eat too much or something I really shouldn't, I actually have a physical backlash to look forward to. An instant one of the painful variety, not just an added pound or twenty. In a way, I'm thankful - I mean, it really is helping my weight loss efforts. Although, I do hope I'm not just sort of wasting away over here only to bounce back up 5 pounds once I am able to eat again.

Hence, my "self-controlled" week was spent primarily thinking about food and how much I love it and hate it right now. I'm sure this whole thing will be beneficial in the long run; I'll find the balance between loving food and hating it, both of which can be dangerous extremes.

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