Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mouskeblog & Home Decor

First things first... I had an awesome weekend. :)

Aaron contacted one of our friends who works for the big Mouse, and got us signed in in honor of my birthday. We took Lori along, and we had a blast! I'll try to give the non-boring version.

After a quick stop at Corner Bakery for breakfast, we headed down to the big D.  As we were emerging from the parking structure, we were speculating on how far away Sylmar was from us because we thought that was the smoke we were smelling.  We met up with our friend and followed him in and over to Tomorrowland, where his girlfriend was prepping for the Jedi Academy show. The park was not crowded at all, at least, not for a Saturday. 

We ate lunch at the Blue Bayou, did a few rides, then headed over to see the Jedi show before we headed out to California Adventure (DCA). That's when we found out that the fires were much closer, in fact, our friend's house was in danger and he had to evacuate! Needless to say, his girlfriend (who also lives there) was pretty worried. We tried to reassure her, but what do you say?

It was a pretty eerie scene that day. As we were heading out down Main Street, it was quiet - there was a lack of the usual cheerful music pumping out into the atmosphere, and there seemed to be hardly anyone there. Not to mention the apocalyptic looking sky - orange smoke seemingly suspended over beautiful blue skies:

We went to DCA and hit the "good" rides, as in, Soaring over California and Toy Story Midway Mania. Toy Story was awesome, so we did it twice, and that was the longest line we waited in all day. 30 minutes. Yeah, not bad at all. I got my birthday tortillas (corn again, yuck), and we went back to Disneyland. 

One of my favorite parts of the day was seeing Lori & Aaron react to the Zoetrope over at the animation place in DCA. It was almost as good as having a kiddo there with us. ;) I didn't capture their reactions, but I did film the Zoetrope so you can see for yourself:

We also knew another friend who was working at the park, so we found her and said hello, and she met up with us after her shift ended. She made my day, because neither Lori or Aaron would go on Splash Mountain with me. We ended up staying until midnight, by which point, apparently, the 57 freeway was open because we took it all the way up to the 210.

I was absolutely exhausted Sunday and didn't get as much done to prepare for our housewarming as I would have liked. And my parents came and took us out to dinner for my birthday (which isn't until Wednesday). I realized that I was going to need to take Monday off from Scheu Plumbing and get some things done around here, so I asked my mom to come help. 

Sidenote: Thank God for my mom, seriously. She helped me with soooo much yesterday.

She and I headed out to Ikea, where I got curtains to hide our excess closet space in our bedroom, place settings for the refurbished table, and a few other odds and ends; storage containers, jars and the like. 

When we got back, she went to work on adding coats of stain to the table and I started cleaning and organizing our "whathaveyou" room. Which is now more of a craft / workout / extra entertaining room. :) 

After she left, Aaron helped me hang up that curtain in our bedroom. I think I got more accomplished yesterday than I had in a good week and a half. I needed those victories. Plus my mom is really crafty and she helped inspire the place settings, I don't know what I would have ended up without her help, but this is what we ended up with:

And this is a closeup of the napkin roll. I owe a lot of thanks to this great Napkin Folding site for teaching me to be a Napkin Ninja! 

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