Monday, November 3, 2008

New Living Room

I got sad yesterday when I realized I didn't take "before" pictures of our living room and dining set. You'll have to take my word for it if you haven't seen it, but this is 1,000 times improved:

The couch we bought in September, the same day as the brown and blue pillows. The striped ones came with the couch (on Saturday). My mom and I went shopping and found the pictures at Home Goods and the rug at Lowe's (of all places).

Scout is being a good sport about staying off the pretty new furniture - well, at least when we are in the room. ;) She's been caught napping on the couch now on two separate occasions when either me or Aaron were in the office.

New chairs we found at Sears (2 for $49!!!). The material is a bit "greenish" but that's okay, because my kitchen accent color is green. We took the leaf out of the table and angled it. It makes a huge difference as far as space goes. I think next weekend we're going to try and tackle refinishing the table in a dark color to match the legs on the chairs. 

Excuse the mess, we were working on projects ALL weekend. One of those projects is a virus-infected Toshiba you see on the table. *shakes fist at viruses* Sorry, Lori, we'll get your compy back to normal soon!

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