Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Color Yellow

For me, the color yellow has always represented some form of happiness or joy.

I was reminded tonight, while watching the Oscars, of how brilliantly Boyle (at least, I think it was his choice) used yellow in Slumdog Millionaire to represent hope and basically anything that was good.

During the performance of Jai Ho, I was glad to see the two women singing the song were wearing yellow costumes. I commented to Aaron about how nicely that was woven throughout the film. And how it represented whatever was lovely, whatever was admirable or good.

Then, Rahman alluded to the idea during his speech. Not about the color, but just about the hope and joy in the film. It made me feel like I got the answer right, it reminded me that I still do have this creative side, and seeing that color and hearing that song reminded me to smile.

Color symbolism aside, when pretty much the whole cast came on stage to accept the Best Picture award, it warmed my heart. It is my favorite Oscar moment so far. I hope that the Academy continues to imbue the ceremony itself with artistic intentionality the way that it did last night.

I'm thankful for the color, and I'm thankful for last night's award ceremony for recognizing such a beautiful film and for carrying itself with so much style & class this year (more so, in my opinion, than in years past).

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