Friday, February 20, 2009

Grandma's Tortillas

Aaron's grandma Ruth makes homemade tortillas. Aaron used to help with the process when he was a kid, and we really didn't want to lose the recipe or tradition, so when we were dating we went to her house and did it with her once to learn.

It's not all that difficult, but it does take some time and can get pretty messy.

It has become something that we do every once in a while under just the right circumstances. For friends for small dinner parties, one time for a hangout we were having with our Bible study (had to make 2-3 batches for that one!). This time we had the pleasure of sharing them with Carol and Paul.

I'm sure these tortillas are absolutely one of the most fattening and indulging things that we eat. But they're so good, and it's really satisfying to eat them after spending all the time and energy making them.

For Aaron, it's a happy memory of his grandma. She's still around, but he doesn't get to spend as much time with her as he used to. I am really thankful for this little piece of heritage that we have. The recipe is even written in Grandma's handwriting on a 5x7 index card.

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  1. the thought of depressing the keys to comment on this entry makes my eyes mist a bit... kim, i am thankful for you. and of course, 'grandma's tortillas' - yumyumyum... and i have responses to many of your entries, just a bit uneasy about this whole blog world/techno communication thing. :)
    but i do respond internally - thanks for the stimulation. carol