Sunday, February 15, 2009

Power Outages

Tonight as Joe and Aaron and I were sitting around in our living room, the power went out.

After the initial excitement of determining that it wasn't just our house, that all the street lights were out as well, and finding flashlights and candles and matches, we settled in to appreciate the change in environment.

As Joe and Aaron bantered about music and guitar chords, I grabbed my journal and started writing. I tend to get overly poetic in times like these, so bear with me. I really like some of what I wrote, but I don't feel much like editing so I'm going to just give you all of it:
Spontaneous creativity erupting from an absence of artificial lights, the kind that only emerges once you've jammed a few tapered candles into empty beer bottles. They that serve the temporary impromptu purpose of candleholders in a time of need.

The sound of an acoustic guitar filling and shaking the air, aiding in mixing the scents from various slightly fragranced candles. The smell of burnt dust adding to the aromas, as well as that of remnants of stale old beer trapped beneath flickering wick and wax.

An unlikely band forms, singing and creating their own versions of favorite melodies. Some are improved upon and others beg to be left alone.

One thing is certain, this room has never been more full of life than tonight, when lit by nothing more than candles, and filled with no more than three kindred spirits and a guitar.

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