Monday, February 2, 2009


Mondays offer me a sort of reprieve.

I still have to work, but part of it's in my friend's backyard and sometimes she is the only human being I have to see, which means I can show up in my gym clothes or grubby or whatever and it's not a stressor. The other part of my workday is done from home.

Today, I also discovered light at the end of our debt tunnel. Thanks to the good tax news, I felt like I was finally getting a leg-up with this thing, finally starting to see some results. There's another piece of good news coming our way this year as well, thanks to the change in the school calendar. An extra paycheck. Just this once. I do believe that means we'll be able to pay off 2 of the 3 cards we still carry an interest-accruing balance on. Color me excited!

Sometimes Monday does bring me just as much stress as any other day of the week, but I am learning to recognize that I only have to be as stressed out as I choose to be. 

I can either feel satisfied with the fact that today I've worked out a debt-elimination plan that might actually have us debt-free (except for mortgage) in 5 years, worked a few hours at Scheu Plumbing, worked a little for FS, taken care of some errands like grocery shopping, a Target run, and getting out cash for the week, or I can be stressed out about how many things I wanted to do but didn't do. Or how there's a deadline fast approaching for Stained.

I'm opting for the reprieve. It's not a resting day, by any means, but it's a day for me to get off of my own back and just accept what's done as what's done.

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