Sunday, March 1, 2009

Little Luxuries

When I was in New York this past summer, Wahima and I went to Serendipity. It's a little restaurant that is featured in the John Cusack movie of the same name.

On the menu, there's this ridiculous ice cream sundae that costs $1,000. It has edible gold on it.

Even if I could afford a luxury like that, I really don't think I would waste 1k like that. I asked our server if anyone actually ordered it and she said yes. Of course she said yes. It's one of the most expensive places to live, so I imagine the people who live there are more likely to be able to afford things like that.

While I didn't partake in any edible gold today, I did enjoy a massage and a sugar body scrub at my favorite local day spa. I have had a really stressful 2009 so far, everything is moving at full speed ahead right now, so I think I actually somewhat needed it. As much as one can "need" a massage, anyway.

So I'm thankful once again for that tax return, but also that I have a husband who is generous and who understands that I don't do this kind of stuff all the time. It was a lovely afternoon of being pampered.

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