Friday, April 17, 2009

Bicycle! Bicycle!

So Nathan came over this evening and brought an extra bike for Aaron to ride. I had left the garage open, so he was very sneaky and fixed my tires for me before ringing the doorbell. :)

We made it to Rochester and then rode back. If I had realized how much easier the ride back was going to be, I would have been willing to go farther!

Scout did really well when we were on the actual bike path, just running alongside me - not pulling or crossing in front. And she was pretty beat when we got home, too. Definitely a bonus of utilizing the bike for exercise.

Although, there's a house close to Rochester that has a pit bull in the back yard that apparently made it up onto the fence and was going to come eat our dog. That's according to Nathan and Aaron. In my head if he made it over I could out "run" him with the bike, although I guess not if Scout can keep up. I really hope he's not back there all the time. I would prefer my ride to be a little less eventful than that.

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