Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Getting over it (finally)

Tonight I hit a total wall. I felt like I was making so much progress after Crossroads, but tonight I went into almost complete melt-down depression mode. Ugh! I can see improvement, I mean, I didn't cry, I didn't throw anything or eat my way out of it... but it was rough.

In case you didn't see the mini-Twitter saga, here's the full story.

I came home from work instead of going straight to the gym because Aaron had to go "paint the rock" at school. Yes, that is literal. For Link Crew they paint this giant rock with whatever the current color is for the Link Crew. So he was awesome and had dinner ready and waiting when I got home so that we could eat and he could leave.

I parked outside of the garage, expecting to get my bike out after dinner and go for a ride with Scout running behind me.

After dinner, I went into the garage, got the dog leashed up, got my helmet adjusted, and proceeded to position the bike to ride it out. Thankfully I left the garage door closed this whole time, because I discovered both of my tires were really flat. No problem, I think we've used my balance ball pump to inflate them before. I go grab that and come back and that's when the epic struggle began.

Pump, pump, pump. Nada.

Take off attachment, screw pump onto the valve: pump, pump, pump. Nada.

Noooooooo! I was feeling so determined and actually excited! Lame.

So I went in the house, texted Heather, texted Nathan (who lives in Chino, that was unlikely from the start), talked to Heather, tweeted my frustrations... Finally I gave up on the notion of riding the bike. Poor Scout was whining and confused because she had her leash on and wasn't going anywhere. I mustered up the determination to get out the door and just started walking.

I ended up finding a pretty nice loop that took me by this meadow in the middle of our neighborhood. According to Map My Run it was just under 2 miles. I think I could have finished faster if it weren't for the dog or having to stop and figure out where I was.

It wasn't the most intense workout, but I'm just so glad I got over being so upset about the bike and went.

And Nathan is going to come on Friday evening with an extra bike so that he and Aaron and I can go for a ride. Obviously he'll inflate my tires for me, too. :P

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