Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lying & Cheating

April Fool's day is really fun when you actually get to "get" someone.

Like how I got Brittany when I came in and asked her what happened to the back passenger-side of her truck. She came running downstairs, she actually would have gone outside to look at her truck if Louise hadn't started saying things like "your truck is on fire!" It was funny. She was more worried about what her dad would do than anything. That helped to add to the funny.

So that's the lying portion of the day.

Then there was the cheating... on my diet!

Aaron and I went to Graziano's and I had an antipasto salad that I'm sure was just about horrible for me, but oh so tasty. We also ordered these Garlic Knots which were FABULOUS. I had noticed a Gelato place next door so I asked Aaron if he wanted to get a treat... I was thinking he would get something, not me - but then that place was closed and we got sucked into the Baskin Robbins across the street.

Yeah, I had Gold Medal Ribbon ice cream. So. good.

So I totally cheated, but the beauty of WW is that I get these "flex" points throughout the week that I can spend on stuff like that. It may impact my weight loss, but since I'm on the road to 3 workouts this week, I think I'll still be okay. Then next week, when I don't cheat, I'll really knock off a good 2 lbs. *fingers crossed*

Potential Lost Spoiler:

Side note, when it comes to Lost I'm totally with Hurley on the WTH boat. *shakes fist at time travel that is trying to actually be realistic and make sense*

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