Sunday, May 10, 2009


Yeah, so, I'm actually just about officially a week behind on my blog. I am not dead. There is nothing wrong with your feed-reader setup (yes, one person asked, so that's a legitimate reply).

I want to catch up, I'm going to catch up. Just not tonight. I'm wiped out.

I am thankful for my mom. We definitely have our ups and downs, but I love that woman. Today I was able to demonstrate that for her by way of spending the whole day at their house. I got there early, with groceries in tow, and made breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the three of us. I was going to do dishes, too, but my dad did instead. :) We watched a couple of movies and relaxed.

Basically, it was my family's idea of quality time.

And now my mom's fridge is stocked with a few low-point goodies, a couple WW brand items that they don't carry at Stater Bros, so I feel like what I did today is a gift that will keep giving. Plus I was able to plan the meals all around how many points she gets for the day, and then modify for how many points I get by skipping a side dish or whatever.

My mom is a housewife, so she has always done all of the cooking and cleaning and now that I have my own house and my own hubby and dog to care for, I appreciate that much more just what that takes. I'm thankful that the planets aligned properly today for me to be able to go love on her by way of serving her. And of course, I'm thankful for her.

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