Thursday, May 14, 2009

I love it when a plan comes together

So, a few weeks ago I was fishing for cheap vacation ideas. And an old friend from high school overlooked the cheap part and mentioned that she works for the Ritz Carlton in Maui.

Well, hmm. She thought she might be able to help us get a discounted room for 65-70 a night. And I thought I might be able to get someone to donate some frequent flier miles to help us get to the island.

Neither of those options worked out.

But Vanessa did help me find a studio apartment in a great location that we can get for $50 a night. Yeah! It's got a little kitchen, so we'll be able to save a little bit on food. And I found us round trip nonstop (yes, you can stop going LAX to Hawaii, either Honolulu or Salt Lake City for some odd reason) tickets for $726. Total. As in, each ticket was $363. Yeah, I'm pretty stoked. We were going to try to do a super cheap vacation this year, but when this opportunity came up we just had to go for it. And it's pretty cheap considering what we're doing.

I. am. stoked.

Now I just need to figure out getting us to LAX and back... I'm thinking metrolink coming back at 5:30am on Wednesday morning (yes, I work on Wednesday - that should be fun LOL) , but getting there on Thursday afternoon it might be nice to get a ride from someone.

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