Friday, May 1, 2009

Making it Fit

Friday was cruising along just fine until about 4:00 when I found out I had grossly misunderstood the plans for the evening. I thought me and Alicia were going to pick out my bridesmaid dress, well, I guess I did realize the other girls would be coming to order theirs, as well, but they had already picked theirs so, yeah.

Anyway, apparently we were all going to dinner after, too, which I did not realize until Friday around 4. After Joe had already made cheesecake for me and Lori to enjoy prior to us all going to see Wolverine that night. Yeah. Woops.

Thankfully, Lori was stuck at work pretty late so I was able to stick around for dinner with the wedding peeps. I also am really happy with the dress, I was afraid it wouldn't look good on me, but it does, yay. Here's a pic. It will be in "pool" instead of brown and green.

But poor Lori was really stuck a lot longer at work than she should have been, so she was all decked out in her Lois Lane reporter look. I had managed to keep a few pairs of "someday maybe" jeans, so I was able to loan her a pair for our little outing.

Joe's cheesecake was amazing.

The movie was okay. I didn't love it, mostly because of the adamantium bullet nonsense and a few other cheese factors. But it wasn't awful. ;)

Between 4 and 5 on Friday, I felt like I had completely screwed up schedule-wise and that it was going to be a lousy evening. But by the end of the night, everything had worked out really nicely. Got to have dinner and laughs at Vince's, I was able to lounge on the couch with friends and enjoy Joe playing guitar, Nathan reading a comic, and Lori singing along. And Aaron and I had a nice little game of trick-fetch going with Scout.

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