Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My mom had a headache

I know it sounds weird, and I am not at all glad that my mom was in pain, but in hindsight I was kinda thankful my mom had a headache tonight when the receptionist at my mom's WW meeting got on my case about trying to weigh in twice in one week (God forbid!).

It's no big deal, really, I was just hoping I was at my 5%. And I wasn't sure how everything was going to play out this week because I wasn't going to my regular meeting in Rancho, so I went and weighed in and left. But since my pass gives me unlimited meetings every month, I thought I could still weigh in on Wednesday and just choose which number I wanted to go with (for my own personal records) for the week.

Anyway, this receptionist just went on and on and on, she wasn't even hearing what I was trying to say, which was basically okay, sorry, I didn't know - can I just step on the scale to see the number and we don't have to write it down on your list or in my book and nobody at WW is going to FIRE you over this. Oy vey.

Now the reason why I'm glad my mom had a headache was because if she hadn't, she probably would have gotten pretty belligerent with this lady. I mean, she really wouldn't stop (the lady). She wasn't listening to me, and she was prattling on and on and on!

I was embarrassed, and I'm really glad that that meeting is not the one I plan on going to every week, because I know at least 2 people overheard the whole ordeal in line behind us.

It gets better, too... at the end of the meeting, she asked the leader if she could make a quick announcement. I wanted to hide under the table. She said, "A lot of people who have the monthly pass think they can weigh in at multiple meetings..." and she went on to explain basically my exact situation, stopping short of turning on a neon sign over my head that pointed down and said "like that girl right there".

Oh, man, I never knew I could want to clock an old lady.

I actually handled myself quite well for my mom's sake, just so she wouldn't have to deal with it when she comes back every week. The two ladies who overheard the whole thing in line were asking me about it after the meeting and agreeing with me that it was pretty much overblown nonsense.

It's funny to me. It really is. It probably wouldn't have been if my mom had been feeling 100% and had gone to verbal blows with the lady. ;)

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