Saturday, June 13, 2009


Hello, neglected blog.

We're in Maui, it's 9am and we're starting to get ready to go find ourselves a beach and do some snorkeling.

Yesterday was our first day. We headed out of Lahaina around 8:30am, and found ourselves stuck in traffic. Eventually, everything came to a dead stop. When we were 4 cars away from the apparent cause of the traffic, some accident involving a rockslide, I think. I'm pretty sure we sat there for a good 30 minutes. But we had a great view and didn't get too upset.

We went to Charley's for breakfast, apparently a favorite of Willie Nelson's (who was on our flight!), and according to guidebooks the best breakfast on the island. It was pretty great.

Then we stopped in at a little gift shop and Aaron got a new conch for teaching Lord of the Flies. We made our way up to check out a couple of the beaches close to Paia, and then headed to Costco for some food supply and made our way over to Safeway for a few more small grocery items. I am so glad we have a kitchen.

We walked around Lahaina and got the best shave ice evar (sic), and then we ate it and watched the tide come in as hundreds of little crabs dodged in and out of their burrows. After we picked up our snorkeling gear for the week, we came back to our room.

For dinner we opted for The Royal Ocean Terrace and got $12 off thanks to our entertainment book. The food was pretty good, too. Nothing spectacular, but good especially for the price. We were able to sit outside and watch the sunset, too.

Today I think we'll head up to Black Rock and some other snorkeling spots up that way. We're going to a Luau tonight, and then I think I'll convince Aaron to get shave ice with me again. :)

The pics are of a beach by Paia, Aaron with his empty shave ice cup and Cheeseburger in Paradise in the background, and our drinks and the view from dinner.

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