Friday, June 26, 2009


Sadly, ever since I got my G1, updating this blog has become more of a stressor than it used to be. I was loving writing a post every day about something I was thankful for.

Until it became easier not to spend 45 minutes in front of the computer checking my feeds in the morning before work. Until it became an issue when Aaron and I would both need the computer at the same time. Until... many other factors which interrupted and made writing these posts more of an item on my "to-do" list than something I looked forward to doing.

So, for that reason, I think I'm officially calling it quits. At least for even attempting to give off the impression that I will write something for each day. There are a few precious people I still very much want to write about, so I will still be writing posts along these lines when I can, just not every day. ;)

Anyway, here are some Hawaii pictures for anyone who wants to see.

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