Monday, July 20, 2009

Bowing down to the calendar

I am seriously considering clearing my calendar completely except for work and self-care.

I don't exactly know how to go about it. But I really think I need to. And I'm not sure how anyone in my life will take it. I feel like I'm losing my mind in little ways every day, and I need some sanity.

The things that would absolutely NOT be on the chopping block would be things pertaining to Nick & Alicia's wedding, Lori's birthday, and Aaron's birthday. I think I need to absolutely limit my TV and internet time, and spend more time exercising and journaling and in quiet time with the Lord.

Ideally I would just go into hiding for 6 weeks and emerge a refreshed and stronger and more pleasant to be around version of myself. And slowly and catiously start adding calendar commitments back into the mix.

This sounds crazy upon re-reading, and I'm okay with that. I think people need to know this is honestly where I'm at and maybe it would help them understand if I say, "sorry, I can't go to your ________ (party, shower, luncheon, event, group mtg)." Okay, I'm leaving it at that. Any words of encouragement or wisdom are welcome.

1 comment:

  1. i agree whole heartedly. you do too much. take a big fat sebatical, see life for what it is without full calendars and then fit in what is important. and don't see everything as important :)

    you can do it. no one can please all the people all the time, so don't feel bad. just try to please the really, REALLY important ones like God and Aaron.

    and maybe your dog