Monday, April 21, 2008

Learning to be Gentle from Laiken

Unfortunately, I've not had much time with Laiken where she has been alert and interactive. Most of the hours I've spent with her have been like the time today, when she's been unconscious, unable to speak due to breathing apparatus, hooked up to so many machines that you can't fathom how the nurses could possibly keep it all straight.

Yet I think I've learned more from her about what it means to be gentle than I have from any other person in my life. One night when she was doing better after a stint like this at Loma Linda Hospital, I got to hang out with her and play Uno with her. She has such a soft voice, a sweet smile, and a spirit that radiates joy. She is the epitome of the woman with a gentle and quiet spirit.

I'm thankful that she has somehow ended up in my Oikos. That God uses spur of the moment trips to Target and schedule mishaps and the internet to create a beautiful mish-mash of relationships.

Please pray for Laiken. That the infection in her lungs would heal and that she would be able to breathe on her own. I'll tell the rest of this story tomorrow, for now I'm wiped out.

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