Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Goals... more or less

I want to think more and speak less. To encourage more and criticize less. To weigh less and to try more. To stress less and relax more. Dream more, hope more, live more, see more. Obsess less, despair less, complain less, give up less. Work harder, not more; eat better, not less.

See friends more, distance myself less.

Discipline myself more, criticize myself less.

Teach less, be taught more. Give more, take less. Remember to be humble more, allow pride to seep in less. Write more, read more, space out in front of the comp or TV less.

Clean more, moan about it less. Collect less clutter, create more space. Plan more, be ruled by others' schedules less.

Be on time more, be late never.

And on that note, I should finish getting ready for church.

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