Saturday, May 10, 2008

People Are The Best Part Of Life

On days like today, I actually love people.

I really "should" be loving them every day, but I am often miserably unsuccessful at that.

But today, that's the good stuff. It actually started late last night, but it was solidified at the end of my workday today at 4:30, when Donna and I were ready to close up shop. Enter Debra.

Debra needed someone to listen to her, and she needed prayer. She's in a bad situation at home, where it's soon-to-be-ex-husband pitting children against their own mother. I'm certain that there are several layers and depths of injuries in all of these relationships, but I was thankful for the reminder that some of the lessons I've learned in life are put to good use when it comes to encouraging others. And then there are just the simple little moments of grace, when I have the right words to say or feel like I know how to pray in a situation. I don't deserve to "feel good" in those moments, I don't deserve a pat on the back from myself or my friends. But somehow, I find myself encouraged, reminded of my hope. Reminded that, while I was still a sinner, Christ died for me. And that while I am still a sinner, I have been given the Holy Spirit, and through that spirit, my heart is stirred to love those who feel unloved, to have compassion for a complete stranger.

And as I sit at 1am and listen to three big nerds laughing and debating the presidential election, I think to myself, "I love these guys."

I wish I loved like this more often.

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