Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Dog Ate My Knitting

Scout PoutScouticus the Wonder-Dog has discovered how to manipulate a doorknob*, in spite of her obvious lack of opposable thumbs. We discovered this a couple weeks ago. It started as an accident, when she decided she didn't want to be confined to our balcony and she jumped and scratched at the door until it opened. I had hoped it was a one-time thing. But, on Saturday morning while Aaron and I were in bed, she proved to me that she had unlocked the secret to getting through closed doors.

I thought she would mostly utilize this newfound talent to get into the room where we were... like it was a separation "have to get to you" thought.

However, that theory was blown out of the water when we came home Saturday evening to discover an Etiwanda High School hat and a small stuffed animal on the landing. I knew something was amiss, and when I got all the way upstairs, I discovered a chewed up DVD case, and a mass of black yarn that had been dragged from the spare room to the living room.

I had started up a new habit of knitting. Heather took quite some time and patience teaching me how, and I had really started to enjoy it. I hadn't made much progress, but it was definitely beginning to take shape (sort-of). And now my first knitting project has even more personality because my dog ate the corner of it. 

If she weren't cute, she'd be on a bus right now headed for Louisiana.

*Okay, she's not that smart, they are those easily manipulated lever-type doorknobs, not your old fashioned Bedknobs and Broomsticks type knobs.

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