Wednesday, December 31, 2008


In wrapping up 2008, I am thinking about my habits and various other aspects of my life that I want to improve in 2009. I don't want to make resolutions, because those just become one more reason to beat myself up. 

Part of how I want to improve 09 is by improving the use of this blog. I've gotten myself into trouble a couple times this year, and I don't want any shenanigans like that in the coming year. 

To that end, I'm going to be starting to post an entry every single day with something that I am thankful for. Hopefully that is benign enough that I won't get anyone angry at me, and at the same time it might encourage you (and me) to remember the good stuff in life and not to think so much about the bad or not-according-to-plan stuff.

So farewell, 2008 and all of your angst and worries. 

Hello, 2009. I will make a conscious effort to remember to be glad to be alive every day that we're together.

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