Friday, January 16, 2009


I was trying to save this until her last day before the inevitable move, but what can I say? I am just too thankful for her today not to write about it.

Carol is from Texas. Carol is probably moving to Mexico at least for a few months with her husband, Paul, and dog, Tanka. Carol has been volunteering in the office for the past few months with me on Friday afternoons. 

She is one of those few people who is actually willing to help do whatever needs to be done, not just what she wants to do. And mostly, she does it with a smile.

Even when she is in a hurry, she doesn't seem like it. Which is nice when you're having a conversation because she actually stays with you and listens without doing that annoying eyeballing the clock or fidgeting that myself and other California-born-and-raiseds are known to do.

Carol (and Paul) are generous, loving, and encouraging people. I hope that wherever the next road leads that they get to have great adventures and see their kindness returned tenfold.

Man, I'm such a sap sometimes. I apologize for the cheese-factor. I really really mean it though. I am so thankful for Carol's friendship.

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