Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hybrid Saturdays

I am thankful for "hybrid Saturdays". Those Saturdays when you sleep in waaaay too late and get moving waaaay too slowly, but still manage to be productive.

Today was one of those. Aaron let the dog out of her crate around 8am and after she went outside, she came to bed with us. A nice treat for a girl who would have the dog sleep in the bed all the time if she could. Once we finally got up, we were lazy until around 12:45 when we finally got started cleaning up the garage so we could park both cars in it (what a concept). 

I left the cleaning effort to spend some QT with Lori, then I came back and picked up where Aaron gave up. Ha, he thought it couldn't be done.  Once that was done, we tackled the backlog of laundry and picked up around the house in general until Geoff and Daniella came over around 7 for pizza, beer, and games.

Usually, I feel satisfied with being productive AND doing something social. Today, I got to be totally lazy (and get rested), productive, hang out with my BFF, and then be productive again, only to be able to spend some fun time with friends, too. 

I said hybrid Saturdays. But today was more like a perfect Saturday. At very least, ideal. So I am thankful for that. To know that it can be done. All of it. ;)

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