Friday, January 30, 2009

Early Morning Workouts

I never regret the mornings when I actually drag my arse out of bed and go to the gym first thing, before everyone else is starting their day. After an early morning workout, the air outside is fresher and cleaner, even in Smogsville, California.

Not that I am a morning person at all. I just feel so satisfied and accomplished after a morning workout, so any completed task for the rest of the day feels like it's just adding on to that initial accomplishment.

Then there are the health benefits. Like now I'll be burning more calories all day sitting at my desk than if I had not worked out. I will sleep better tonight, and I've already had at least 16 ounces of water. Plus, for some weird reason, I have it in my head that I only want to eat healthy food after working out. I guess it feels like a waste to eat junk after making such an effort to go work out.

It just feels like I have my day to myself now. No inner monologue nagging me over the need to find the time to go work out, or trying to get the motivation to pack my gym bag or rush home after work to go to the gym. It's just done.

No matter what time you get up, I highly suggest you try getting up an hour earlier and going for a workout. Even if it's just 20 minutes. You might find that the benefits are worth the little bit of suffering it takes. 

If nothing else, you'll have won a fight with the alarm clock. And that, my friends, is a noteworthy thing.

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