Tuesday, January 27, 2009


People like Jeannie are few and far between. Even within the setting of the church, it is hard to find people who have the trifecta of time to give, willingness to give it, and the right combination of knowledge and passion to do certain jobs.

The job Jeannie has done for the past 6+ years is coming in faithfully, once a week, on Tuesday mornings, to help process charitable contributions to the Flipside. This is not even as exciting as it sounds (it doesn't sound exciting, does it?). It's a mostly tedious process of opening envelopes and writing names and check numbers on new envelopes, and counting and recounting cash and adding up all of the special earmark donations to things like Year End Drive, Love Fund, and other projects as they come up throughout the year.

Just about every week, Jeannie has trekked down to the office, sometimes with an extra Starbucks or half a breakfast burrito in hand, to give her time and energy to a pretty much thankless task. It's just me and her, upstairs, counting and recounting and then entering all of the data into the computer system.

Today, Jeannie came and helped with the count for the "last" time. I may take her up on her offer to call if I'm ever in a pinch for a helper, but today was officially her last day. 

She felt spoiled because the church gave her a gift and Briana and I took her to lunch, but truthfully, I don't think the gifts accurately measure up to a heart like hers to give back to the church. Not even her church, her daughter's church. She didn't serve because it looked good to her pastor, she served because she saw a need and she filled it well. 

Jeannie, you're an awesome servant, you're sweet, and you're caring. You raised a beautiful daughter (I know, more than one, but I only really know how great Mindi is). I hope that you do get plugged in at WOL and find a way to bless them like you've blessed us. 

Pretty much, what I'm trying to say is, you rock. Thanks.

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  1. I LOVE me some Jeanne! I love reading your blog. It brightens my day.