Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oddities & The FedEx Guy

I am thankful for oddball happenings like this:

Today, a FedEx guy stops into our office. Not with a delivery for us, but with a check. Not a check that he wrote, a check that he found on the street by the curb. I'm not entirely sure if he realized it was a check, but he knew it looked important, so he made the effort to stop in and give it to us.

It was an electronic check from a bank, someone's tithe or whatever. It was SOAKING wet. Like it had been floating on the river of rainwater (you know the one, the one that is perpetually running along the curb or just sitting stagnant, waiting for you to step in it in flip-flops). It was one of those checks that is like a report card, as in, it was not in an envelope. To get to the check inside, there's these magical perforations along the outside edges and once you tear all of that away you tear out the check inside.

As the check was a soaking wet mess, and as I am the one who handles these donations for the church, I tore into it. It made me wonder what happens when someone writes a check like this and the fluke happens where it gets blown out of the mailman's hands or his truck. I send my checks that way, so I really wanted to know.

I'm tearing away the perforation, being careful not to rip the check. I wanted to hang it to dry without having the whole thing dry together into one unreadable mess. I was talking to Donna about how nice it was that the FedEx guy brought it and all worked up over what happens to people's accounts when this happens, wondering how old the check was, etc.

Then, as I get to the check, I see the amount looks familiar.

As I tear further down the perforated edge, I see the name of my bank (ING Direct), not one that most people in our church use.

Sure enough, it was our check.

Random? I think not. 

Seriously, we get one of those in the mail almost every day. Sometimes a few. How is it that it was MY check that got re-delivered in such dramatic fashion?

So thanks, FedEx guy. I think I shall have to call and tell your supervisor how awesome you are for bringing that in to us. I'd be thankful anyway, even if it wasn't my check.

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