Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Scout Finch

I've been looking forward to writing this one since a few days ago when I realized I would have a golden opportunity.

One year ago today, we went to Rancho Regional Vet and picked up Scout Finch. We had adopted her from the shelter the week before, and were finally free to bring her home once she was spayed. And this is what she looked like that night, man, she was dirty and scruffy!

For me, having a dog in the house is part of what makes it a home. I was raised with animals, I can't ever remember not having one as a child. One thing I always looked forward to was having MY OWN dog. A dog who would be more excited and happy to see me than anyone else. My parents always got that with the dogs we had because either they fed them or were just around them more.

Scout is MY dog. Yeah, she's Aaron's, too, but more mine. :P I know she's a bit annoying at times, but we're working on it. She has gotten so much better in the year that we've had her. We've trained her to do quite a few tricks, too. She is a bit on the high-maintenance side, I think in large part due to being abandoned or lost or whatever happened to her to land her in the shelter. But she really is one of the sweetest most gentle dogs I've ever met. 

To some people, she's just a dog. But to me, she's a little piece of my family and having her makes home a warmer place to be. I'm extremely thankful that we adopted Scout. 

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  1. Well, thanks for being honest. Nevertheless, it's really like I said, I only really write my blog to vent my deepest-darkests, almost like a diary. I know it's not the best place to be putting my anger but I like the idea that no one reads it.

    As for Aaron, I will never really hate Aaron, ever, as a matter of fact, I love Aaron. And what I say is absolutely not to be taken as defense for what I was thinking or blogging at the time, but that night (along with others) Aaron had completely humiliated me, and I guess it was such a bad shock to my system having had gone through years of being a loser fat kid that I sort of regressed. I know that you owe every single bit of loyalty to Aaron, but I hope that you at least (not forgive) but understand it.

    Sorry, now, I'm venting to you.