Wednesday, February 4, 2009

16 more things...

Same rules apply, I guess... if you're "tagged" (see Facebook), do it, tag me back, plus 8 other people. Or just do it for funsies. I know this is time-consuming, I did it on my phone while riding back from LA. So no pressure if you don't have those kinds of minutes lying around. 

26. If a live performance is really bad, I actually get a little teary. As in, it physically pains me.

27. My car is named Skylar, and I think I will cry when I have to sell her or she dies. I bought her brand new.

28. I have to try really really hard not to hate myself for my weight, or not being confident enough, or funny, or well dressed. Read: I am extremely insecure and don't like it one bit.

29. I am a big nerd. an office supply lovin' lifehacker readin' techno smart bookstore wanderin' nerd.

30. I frequently abuse commas, ellipses, and even the occasional apostrophe (see #29).

31. If I could do anything, I would be a writer. If someone offered to pay me to just write, I would have to pinch myself to believe it.

32. But I LOVE my job, and sometimes, I'm pretty darn good at it. So I'm staying there.

33. My absolute favorite movie is a little French film called Amelie. It's beautiful and meaningful and poetic.

34. Secretly (okay, not really secretly), I want to get a big group of friends to go to Vegas for my 30th next year so we can see Love. I think everyone should see that show. But I don't think it's really going to happen.

35. If I could talk Aaron into it, I'd move to New York. Even if it was just for a year.

36. I feel like I have certain friends who mean more to me than I do to them. but I'm truly okay with that. I love them, and that's enough for me.

37. I don't know why I'm so argumentative, but I am. So deal with it.

38. Sarcasm used to be something I prided myself on. Now I wish I were less affiliated with it.

39. I used to say some pretty stupidly racist things (jokingly), without honestly believing them. But in the aftermath of Obama's election and inauguration, I've realized how much I take for granted and that these stupid, supposedly harmless, jokes that have infiltrated my view of the "norm" are insidious contributors to oppression and bigotry.

40. I have had 12 jobs. Yes, 12. Never once have I been fired.

41. I get super irritated when people sneeze. If I had cat ears, they would go back every single time.

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