Friday, February 6, 2009

Dad & Mom

This is sort of, though not completely, related to yesterday's post.

My mom and dad are incredibly supportive, in their own weird way. I will get the weird way explanation over with and then go on to the rest, the good stuff. The weirdness is that they think my political ideas are crackpot, and that they didn't raise me that way, so they don't understand how I could be something other than a George W. Bush-loving, dogged Republican for life. I don't think they understand why I give so much time and energy within the church. I think they think I'm passing time. 

But, they still support me. 

Even though my dad and I once didn't speak for three days over a political email debacle. 

They don't support me as in, sending money every month or anything like that. They support me as in helping with anything that they can. My dad is an all-around handyman, so I expect that over the years he will work on countless projects around our home with Aaron. My mom is great in the kitchen, and with a sewing machine. She's made me two aprons, is working on a quilt, and went out of her way to buy me things that my kitchen was found to be lacking when we were cooking Christmas dinner together.

Sidenote: Joe and Nathan are here and Joe is rockin' some Beatles on the guitar. It's GREAT. One of my favorite things about when these guys are chillin' at my house. Yes, they're all singing. I'm 99% sure of it.

So back in December, I was beginning to dread the thought of needing to purchase new computers for the Flipside office, because a couple of them seemed to be on their last legs. My dad is all-around handy enough that he was able to come take a look and see if it would be worth the investment to add more RAM to them or what other performance tweaks we could do. 

After he came and checked everything out, he sent me a great website to order through. Then we had a budget meeting and I thought I'd better hold off a few months on purchasing this stuff. Unless... unless I could get someone to donate that to the church. And, my parents are just awesome enough that they bought it and did that. 

Not only that, but my mom and dad came to the office to install the memory once it came. And when we realized I should have ordered a couple more GBs, he offered to go ahead and order them. And when I asked for his 2nd opinion on what I should order for my laptop (which is MUCH better now), he offered to throw that in with his other order. And when it was too late to put it on the other order, he went ahead and ordered it separately as an "early Valentine gift". And he isntalled that for me today, too. 

Oh, and while my dad was installing RAM and playing with computers, my mom helped me fold and stuff a huge mailing. Contribution statements, actually, which is perfect because she doesn't know anyone at church. I could not have gotten those out without her, at least not on time. I love how when my dad comes to do something, my mom is right there with him. They really are a team.

I could go on and on about how awesome and helpful my parents are, but I think this is enough blogging for one night. It's been pretty awesome to have my parents around at the office and getting to see them interact with my team of friends. I'm thankful for that, too. :)

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