Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I know it probably seems silly to be thankful for a television show, especially to those who find absolutely nothing of value in watching tv at all.

I try not to watch too much, sometimes I'm better at it than others.

Watching Lost though, feels more like reading a really good story than watching television. There are themes, and plot twists, and they actually leave things up to the imagination sometimes. Not only that, but this season it seems to me like Lost is more about redemption than anything else. Finding the path that will take each of these characters to the next level of being decent human beings.

So I'm thankful for the good writing, for the popularity that has kept it on for another season or two, for enjoying watching it with Aaron and discussing it and theories, for being able to talk to people about it at work, and sorry kids, but I'm thankful that Jin is ALIVE.

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