Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Quick Thinking

Today I arrived at work on time after stopping at the post office, around 9am. An absolutely unusual occurrence on my new schedule (I usually push the envelope with getting there closer to 9:30, when the office opens, but I make it up by staying late).

When I got there, Kevin came out to greet me and asked if I had gotten the breakfasty snack foods and coffee for a 10am meeting we were hosting at Flipside for some area pastors.

Noooooooooooooooo! Enter panic. I had approximately 45 minutes with which to get to Starbucks and get a "Joe-to-go" and the grocery store for juice and danish-type things, as well as cups, napkins, and the other usual suspects.

I went to Starbucks first and ordered the coffee. Then ran up to Ralphs (which is remodeled and did not make it easy for me to find what I needed), and back to Starbucks to pick up my bounty.

Made it back to the office around 9:47, with just enough time to set everything up before the "guests" started arriving. Yikes!

I know this is probably not that exciting to anyone else, but I would have been so embarrassed to walk into the middle of that meeting to bring the stuff, plus it would have made Kevin look bad. And what could have been an embarrassing day-ruiner of a situation turned out to be just a nice little adrenaline jolt to start off my day. Which, in fact, ended up being very productive.

Guess I have to let Remember The Milk send me my daily emails again now that I'm actually using it to keep my to-do lists. Yes, these tasks were all on my list, but somehow I still forgot them. Go figure.

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