Sunday, February 8, 2009

My l'il Sis-in-law

Tonight we went out to dinner (at Lucille's, yummy) to celebrate Aaron's youngest sister's birthday.

Ashley is a sweet and intelligent girl. I'm so proud of her for getting her cosmotology license, and getting hired on at a good "training" salon in the Montclair Mall. 

I had a really hectic crazy week, and day, but we had known for a little over a week about going to dinner tonight for Ashley. She actually called us to extend the invitation. That is definitely one thing that has been a struggle for me and Aaron. We are so busy that it becomes challenging to go to family events because they get piled on at the last minute. I love love our family, but I appreciate the consideration of giving a little bit more notice, too. 

With how crazy the week (month) has been, it could have been a lot more challenging to get down there today for her. But since we knew ahead of time, it was much less stressful. It was nice. We even got there early. *gasp*

So that's why I'm thankful for Ashley today. She let us know we were important to her by asking ahead of time, and we were glad to be able to go celebrate her today. 

I really hope this post makes sense. ;) I know it will to Aaron, but he speaks my language so that's not a good measuring stick.

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