Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Recipe

I decided to try my hand at an Emeril recipe for Chicken Piccata tonight.

It took me quite a bit of time, I wasn't prepared for or expecting all of the preparation details, so I was disorganized and a bit frantic in the cooking process.

However, the meal was delish. It was really satisfying to sit down after all of that cooking and prep to a nice meal. Too bad I can't delude myself into thinking that chicken cooked in butter and olive oil and sauce that Aaron said tasted like "lemon butter" sauce (since that's what it essentially is) is a healthy option for making again and again. I enjoy cooking, actually, and even if I fumble around and it takes me a while, I enjoy it all the more if the result is great.

Any master chefs out there, I couldn't quite get the chicken as flat as the recipe called for, anyone think that's because it was frozen and then defrosted? It ended up taking a lot longer to cook because it was just too thick.

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