Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spiritual Seasons

There is a reason that we have seasons. Life depends upon the ebbs and flows, much of it could not be sustained without some kind of change in climate.

Ash Wednesday marks the start of a spiritual season. A season of fasting, in order to truly appreciate what the resurrection means for the Christ-follower.

I believe that we live in a culture of even-keeledness, sometimes it's just too comfortable to stay at the same intensity with our religion, our exercise program, our relationships... what Lent does is it creates a season, an opportunity to change the tempo. To adjust the temperature a little bit, to make ourselves less comfortable so we can rely on and look to God for comfort.

In observing this season, I believe it's creating space for growth. The same way that Winter paves the way for Spring. It really doesn't matter if we do it now in step with many in the Catholic church and other Protestant churches, but the beautiful thing about doing it now is the unity it creates among those who believe. It lets my Godparents know that I still believe in the same God that they do, even if I don't go to confession. It reminds me that Cindy, for all her "go Catholic!" speeches is at her core, a believer in Christ in the same way that I am. It is a humbling reminder that we are all just trying to figure this thing out. It is a reminder that I create obstacles for myself, and this time, if I'll let it, is a time that God can use to help me move or destroy those obstacles.

Paul shared a great devotional in our ministry team meeting, and called our attention to John 17:20-26. It reminded me that this season really is a way to seek out unity with God and to do that in the spirit of saying we're all in this together. We're just a bunch of imperfect people, struggling with our various addictions and habits. In this season, we can try to put some of those aside in order to seek out how we might use the laying down of those things as a stepping stone for growth.

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  1. you KNOW i relate to this entry... and i surmise that there are way too many people in similar situations... addiction, depression, empty spots... the desire for numbing, checking out...
    i did go to church wed. nite and was spurred, pricked, but not sure what i'll do with that.
    keep pushing forward, kim. i believe in you. and thanks for reminding me of the recent 'prick'. carol