Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I had a few realizations today. Well, some of them I had long before, but today at least two were solidified.

One is that we don't need another dog. Aaron showed up rearing to go to the animal shelter and adopt this adorable little jack russell terrier mix. And she was quite cute, until she started barking at Scout and acting like the most aggressive little pup I've ever seen.

We stuck around and met a few other dogs, but none of them seemed to get along with Scout. Not that they were fighting, just that they weren't a good fit for her. Or really for us, either.

I would LOVE to get another dog, especially a puppy, but I just think it's not the right time for us to do that. And I'm glad we didn't settle for one of these. I think we could have regretted it.

The other realization is that I spend waaaayyyy too much time on the internet. Doing random things. Wasting time and energy. I was praying and thinking about what to give up for Lent, and this was the one that kept coming to mind.

It's impossible for me to "give up internet," mostly because of my job and the email communication and research it requires. But also because all of our banking is online and I pay da bills. So I'm giving up "non-essential" internet. Meaning, I get 30-45 minutes in the morning with which to check my email, feeds, write my blog, and do any internet banking that is necessary. Most of the bills are actually automated, so that's just keeping tabs and making sure receipts are entered into the budget spreadsheet, etc.

I guess I'm giving up"non-essential" computer time. I know I'm somewhat addicted, and I'm realizing that if I weren't here a lot of the time I might be doing something more valuable with my time. However, I also realize I'm depressed more often than I should be so if I'm not here, I might be vegging in front of the tv without caring enough to get up.

Anyway, this is a start, and we'll see if it helps me get motivated to do the things that need to be done. I have a feeling that since it was such a God-influenced idea, that He will honor it and something will change.

If nothing else, I'll probably at least be on time for work. :P

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  1. Well, I think I'm going to do the same... just throughout the day. I'm going to only go on after the kids are in bed. I find myself neglecting my mommy duties... so I'll keep you accountable and you can keep me accountable! Be blessed as you get more done! -Mindi