Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Girlfriends and Free Stuff

I got to hang out with Lori and Alicia last night. Heather couldn't make it because her poor baby had to go to the doctor.

We still had fun though. I "bought" Alicia dinner at Qdoba (read: wannabe Chipotle) with my buy one get one free coupon, and then when Lori met up with us we got FREE frozen yogurt at Golden Spoon. I heart coupons, especially ones for absolutely free stuff, no strings attached.

I'm really glad those two get along so well. I definitely consider myself a more-the-merrier kind of person. It is oddly difficult to get multiple friends from church to all be friends with each other. In theatre, it happens naturally because you're all stuck in rehearsals and classes together. In high school, same thing, well, classes, not necessarily rehearsals. At church, it's easy to go to different services (or even end up going to a different church), and lose opportunities to hang out with certain people.

Sometimes I try too hard to make it happen and I make it awkward. But I kinda don't care. I think it's worth the effort, especially now that it's paying off.

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  1. hahah! yes we had a great time! at least I did. I really like tagging along with you and lori... thanks for the invite!