Tuesday, March 3, 2009

No more waiting in line at the bank

Ever since I made the complete switch to ING, I haven't been waiting in line at the bank. Not only that, but I get way better interest on our savings accounts (yes, we have a few, which ING allows us to do quite easily, and makes our lives easier, too), but we get interest on our checking account, as well. With no minimum balance.

We had a couple bumps in the road with locating ATMs. Now that's solved by simply viewing any Target as our own weird little bank (we can use their ATM for free). Plus the gas station down the street from our house has one of our free ATMs as well.

Then there was the scary feeling of not having physical checks. Now that I'm used to that, it's not so bad either. It's really easy to send electronic checks.

So while I was being helped yesterday at Wamu, er, I mean, Chase (whatever), I looked at the long line and thought about how glad I am to basically never have to wait in that again. The paychecks that aren't direct deposited get mailed to ING, and at Wamu I'm a business customer so at the most there's 1-2 people ahead of me.

There are a lot of things that demand my time, and it's a nice feeling to tell the bank it can't have any of it.

By the way, I'm not trying to "sell" ING, but I really think it is a great banking option. If this made you want to try it out (it's all free, not even any overdraft fees), make sure you list me as having referred you because I'll get $ and you know I need it. ;)

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