Sunday, March 15, 2009

The "Wow" Factor

NOW I understand why Rose never told me too much about Crossroads.

NOW I understand why this thing keeps going on, year after year after year.

NOW I understand why I didn't go until just the right time, this weekend.

NOW I understand what it means to experience the meaning of the word "lavish".

NOW I understand how it feels to want someone else to go experience this.

Will you go? Will you allow yourself to experience a rest and period of refreshment and encouragement like I doubt you've ever experienced? I've got a list of people who I want to experience this. I am absolutely overjoyed.

Here's how overjoyed I am. I've been home for two hours and all I've managed to do is babble on and on to Aaron about what God shared with me this weekend, and send some emails. I could care less about my dirty hair. Although, after I'm done with this last blog entry I'm springboarding into the hot shower.

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