Monday, March 16, 2009

Creating Space

Tonight I took a seldom-used craft area in my house and made it into a study and prayer area. It can still be used for crafting, but it will more often be used for God-time. I put a few little trinkets in there, and gathered my favorite devotionals, my big inductive study Bible, a pen, and some notebooks.

I went on my "retreat" this weekend expecting to experience God and He blew me away. So I think if I expect to meet Him here at this little table in my house, He'll show up. I'm the one who sometimes doesn't show up, not the other way around. I'm excited for the space because it's not so hard to get to, like the little tent I used to have in my closet was (though that was pretty cool in its own way). It's facing a window in my backyard (which will someday be beautiful). It's going to be a great place to go and just sit and absorb. I just know it. :)

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