Saturday, April 25, 2009


I felt a little... out of my element at Family Camp. Since the Andersons didn't make it, I felt like I took a bit of a hit as far as people who I knew and was comfortable with, and Heather and Reigh Lea both had other groups of people who they were hanging out with. That's not a complaint, I promise. It was just a bit of a challenge trying to find a good place to go and sit and be around people. Apparently there were close to 300 people there, so that should bring clarity as to why it was a bit overwhelming.

After I got Aaron to go with me to take Scout to the little doggie agility course, we ran into Toby and Angie and Toby was leading a gaggle of boys to go catch crawdads. So Aaron went along. While he was doing that, I went and rinsed my pound of strawberries and took them and a chair and a book over to find Angie so we could sit and read and enjoy strawberries together.

That was probably the highlight of the weekend for me. We really didn't get much reading done, but Angie is just so nice to be around. We mostly talked about how good the strawberries were (because they were! and they're only 88 cents at Henry's right now!), and what we were reading (or not really reading at the moment), and whatever random porch talk you might have. We were just lounging, and it was nice.

I'm thankful for Angie. I get to work with her just about 4 days out of every week, and she is a constant and steady source of encouragement. That and a good rubber wall for joking - hopefully that makes sense. And some people (*cough*myself*cough*) might have been irritated to have someone come along and take away their reading time. If she was perturbed by that, she didn't show it. I really was there to read, honest, it just didn't happen. ;)

We're going to the Strawberry Festival next month with the Pikes, since Angie is one of the few people I know who truly shares my love for strawberries. I'm glad that Aaron is hanging out with Toby once in a while. And I'm really glad that we're starting to do more with that whole family. I think even Josh and Caleb seemed to care that I was packing up my chair and heading back to my own site when they came back from their little jaunt to the river.

Okay, if I write about any more of the ways that Angie has been a great friend to me I'm going to cry and that's just lame because I'm sitting here writing a BLOG for cryin' out loud. :P

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  1. Ahhh, now I'm going to cry-and I'd rather hang out with you than read.