Sunday, April 26, 2009

Smart Dog!

Wow. I seriously cannot believe how stinkin' fast my dog learns things. I'm sorry, but I just have to brag on this mutt a little bit.

Rewind to Christmas when Sara and Tommy were visiting and we watched a little bit of some dog competition where they were running through tunnels and jumping hurdles and climbing things, all kinds of things. Ever since I saw that, I've thought that Scout would be absolutely great at something like that. So one of the things I got really excited about for Family Camp was that they have recently added a dog park with an agility course!!!

Of course, I couldn't wait to take Scout on it. So, after breakfast on Saturday, Aaron and I walked over there with her and worked on getting her to go through the course. At first, I felt pretty dumb because she seemed to not be getting it. And I thought I had traumatized her for life with the teeter-totter because she was backing away from it after the first time. But I did what Cesar says and just kept the mind moving forward. I got her to go back on it, heavily bribed with treats, and sure enough, she got better at it.

By 2pm, I was able to prop up my camera on the bench and get the following video. Not perfect, but dang, for having just learned what the heck to do earlier in the morning, not bad at all!!!

And I got Aaron to go back with me on Sunday morning to get better video of her doing the same course again, and then the "big" dog course:

I am just so proud of our dog! She definitely has some quirks, I don't especially like being barked at when I'm just trying to watch TV and relax, but she really is a great dog. Smart, sweet, cute... sorry, I just feel like she's a huge blessing and the fact that we got her from the shelter just reminds me how lucky we are to have her.

Now I just need to start saving up for the agility training class that Rancho offers and get her in that. I wonder if we could ever get her in a competition, just for fun?

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