Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Boredom and the Lack Thereof

I truly cannot remember the last time I was "bored."

There is never a time when I have nothing that I want to do. I usually either have plans, or a project I want to work on, or housework to be done, or something I want to read/watch/otherwise ingest.

Okay, I do get bored at the gym sometimes, but only because I can think of all of those other things I'd rather be doing than walking to go nowhere at the gym. :P

Today was one of those extra busy days. I went to work, went to the bank, went to WW, came home, grabbed a coupon for frozen yogurt, went back to WW shopping center to meet Lori for frozen yogurt, went to the grocery store, came home and put away groceries, did some dishes, watched some Biggest Loser and SVU while putting away food and dishes...

And then it was bedtime! Past bedtime, actually.

Tomorrow, it will be lather, rinse, repeat. I love my life, but I get tired sometimes. More sleep might be nice. ;)

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