Monday, April 6, 2009

Finding the Way

After a frustrating day at work, I got home much later than planned and still needed to exercise.

Instead of going to the gym, which would have taken an additional 20 mins at least, I decided to go for a little walk with Scout. I really wanted to take my bike up to the Pacific Electric Trail, but I'm glad I walked around first with the intention of looking for an entrance.

They don't make it easy to get connected to that path, let me tell you. Especially if you consider a canine presence, and you know, actually wanting to ride a bike.

I took one little side street to try to find a way through, and happened upon some lost keys that had a Ralphs rewards card on them. I knocked on the door of the house they were in front of, but the lady said they weren't hers. I debated leaving them, but the Ralphs tag says return to the nearest Ralphs store if you find lost keys, and that's what I would want someone to do with my keys, so I did. I'm glad I ended up on that street and I hope the keys got back to their owner.

The walk was better than most because I was actually rushing a little bit to get back for dinner. And I was determined to find an entrance to the trail. Once I realized exactly where the trail was (above my head as I went through the Victoria tunnel), I noticed a pretty steep dirt path that had an opening onto the trail.

So I off-roaded it up that and felt this tremendous sense of accomplishment once I was actually on the trail. Only I also felt this sense of oh, crap, it's already dark and I don't want to have to walk all the way back to Etiwanda and then along Baseline to get home if that's the only way out.

As I examined all of the openings to the trail, I caught sight of a familiar looking one. The one where the lovely little sidewalk that goes through my neighborhood through a little fake park in the middle abruptly ends. A little more off-roading and I was in the home stretch. I *might* be able to walk my bike up through there to get on the trail.

Once I was across the street and into the center path, I decided to take Joe's inspiration and run. I panicked about halfway through and stopped, thinking I was mistaken about it being my neighborhood, but then I realized I was okay and kept running.

It was a really good walk. I can't believe I actually ran on my own volition - you know, without Ms. Dewitt menacingly withholding popsicle sticks from me if I wasn't running when I passed her by on the track. I ran just because. And it gave a nice little boost to my heartrate. I might try that again. Might.

If anyone knows of any quiet streets that have actual entrances into the trail, I'd love to hear about them. I have two concerns with riding on Baseline or Day Creek. 1, I do not have any exceptional prowess when it comes to riding a bike (read: I might fall or have brake issues). And 2, I thoroughly plan on taking my hyperactive dog along with me, because she needs to get tired out sometimes.

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