Thursday, April 23, 2009

Friends who Lend

Well, we were going to be sharing a tent site for family camp this weekend with Kenny and Amy, but they can't go. Which is a bummer because I was looking forward to hanging out with them.

Not like there won't be 100 other people there to hang out with, but still...

So they are loaning us their gigantor tent. It will be a little silly for just me and Aaron to use it, but it will be nice. We have our air mattress, and we'll be able to keep Scout's crate inside the tent. That and we'll be able to stand up inside of it! :) They also loaned us some of their awesome folding chairs, I'm talking footrests, baby, oh yeah.

Sidenote: Amy LOVES camping, Kenny could do without it. I think I love it under the right circumstances, so we're thinking a girls' camping trip sometime. Hit me up in the comments if you'd like in on that.

I have also acquired my dad's Tacoma for the weekend, so now we can bring my bike, as well as fit the ice chest and crate without having to play a game of stuff tetris in the trunk of one of our cars.

I'm pretty sure I'm closing the office early today to get a decent start on the trip down to San Diego. And I'm positive Gretchen won't hold a charge if I leave her on all weekend. So I will owe 2-3 blogs when I get back on Sunday, but this time it won't just be because I glossed over the commitment. ;)

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