Wednesday, April 22, 2009


At Cramer Painting, we were lucky if we got a "hey, thanks" on Administrative Professionals Day.

At Flipside, the pastors go all out. It's great. One year they brought in someone from the church to do pedicures for us! And Jane, Allison, and Mindi put their collective skills together and bring us this amazing lunch and set up a pretty table, it's fantastic.

This year, a masseuse who goes to our church came in. During our weekly Wednesday meeting, each of us who are "admin" got to go in and have a chair massage. And lunch was, as always, great. I was extra glad I hadn't abused my weekly points yet (and I think I've even figured out how to survive camping this weekend and stay on track).

Sometimes, I feel like I'm so behind at work, or not getting enough done, or not doing certain things up to my standard. I think I'm the only one who notices that. I got this really nice card from Kevin, he's great about encouraging all of us on staff. I actually feel like I was able to work "better" for the rest of the afternoon. I honestly believe that when he tells me I'm doing a great job, or Jeff tells me I'm indispensable, that I perform better than if one of them had pulled me in and told me everything I'm doing wrong. I've gotten a bad review or two before, and all they did was make me sad. Maybe because one of them was bogus from a bogus boss who was basically just shopping on ebay and playing online poker, but I digress. :P

I'm just thankful to feel so appreciated today. Even though I'm not perfect, and some days I do sit in la-la-land for far too long, I like to think that for the most part I work my tailfeather off. And when it feels like someone notices that and thanks me for it, it makes me want to keep doing it. And it clears my mind of the questions and self-doubt, which helps me to do my job better.

Ramble, ramble, ramble, stop.

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  1. You are a great asset to Flipside! You totally deserved to be spoiled on Administrative Porfessionals days! Thanks for all you do for our church! All the ladies in the office are amazing! Keep up the good work! Never doubt that God has you right where you are needed & that he has uniquely gifted you with great talents! You do an amazing job Kim!