Saturday, April 11, 2009

Kitchen Improvements

I had every intention of going to the gym this morning, but I got into cleaning mode in the kitchen so I didn't make it.

My kitchen is sparkling! At least, everything but the floor. Sometimes it's so hard to dig up the motivation to do nitty gritty chores like cleaning out the toaster oven. So when I found myself effortlessly flitting around cleaning, I had to ride that wave.

Then my mom came over and I made her Girlfredo, but she couldn't handle the noodles. Ha, I guess it's not for everyone. She went with me to a Pampered Chef party that Amy was hosting, and even bought me a little somethin'. :) I'm excited, I was on a quest for new measuring tools and I found some great ones that I think will be very helpful when it comes to keeping up with this healthy eating thing.

My pantry is pretty well organized, now I would like to tackle the rest of the cabinets... especially tupperware and the area above the plates. I feel like I made big progress today in improving my kitchen, with the cleaning and the new tools. :)

By the way, I heart my granite countertops. Especially that I can choppity chop away on them. Awesome!

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