Sunday, April 12, 2009

Death to Life

I learned something new today.

I believe wholeheartedly that Jesus Christ was a real person, that he died, and then he wasn't dead anymore.

I did not realize that there were other people alive around the same time he was who were claiming to be "messiah." Because I hadn't heard of them before. Because they died, and people stopped following them.

The new thing I learned that intrigued me was that religious historians, who are not Christian, have a hard time understanding how this little movement of people who followed Jesus Christ of Nazareth has become this huge movement, with millions of people, that has continued since the time he was alive.

It shouldn't be so, because he died.

It wouldn't be so, except he lived.

He didn't stay dead. That's such an important part of my faith. I love remembering it each year by getting up and going to a park at sunrise, by remembering that the women who dilligently went as soon as Sabbath was over to go take proper care to bury him, only to find that there was no body. And even though angels appeared to them and told them he was alive, they were still perplexed. How could this happen? Someone stole his body! No! He even had to them and set them straight. He really came back from the dead. Nobody stole his body, the disciples didn't even "get it" enough to put together a scheme like that. His body isn't there because He lives.

Gives me chills! I love it! Happy Easter, everyone.

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